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When you get married, you normally look to other married couples for advice. Advice like "never go to bed angry," "always say I love you," "never stop dating each other," and so on. When Ellie and I were on our honeymoon in Punta Cana, we received some solicited and unsolicited pieces of advice that we will never ever follow.

"The First Year Is The Hardest"

Ana Blazic

A couple who I believe was from New Jersey gave us this advice. After a nightly show during our honeymoon, Ellie and I went to the lobby bar since it was the only one that was open. While sitting there, we introduced ourselves to this couple because we are those people.

As we were talking to them, they were saying how they were there on a vacation and also celebrating (kind of) an anniversary. They had been married for a little over a year and Ellie asked them an easy question.

Ellie asked, "since we are on our honeymoon and you guys have been married for just over a year, what advice do you have for us as newlyweds?"

Without hesitation, this twitchy guy from New Jersey answered, "the first year is the hardest. The first year of marriage is just so hard but if you can get through that, you can get through anything."


Needless to say his wife wasn't happy with that answer so naturally, we left.

Thankfully, Zack from the champagne story told us that the first year of his marriage was the best. He said the first year was so much fun especially since his wife got pregnant a short while after they got married. At least there is some hope out there!


Never Buy These Pants

Via Amazon.com

This one was not a verbal piece of advice. As Ellie and I were swimming in one of the pools, a couple walked by to take professional photographs on the beach. Many couples at Secrets were getting photos taken and everyone seemed to look very nice and in clothes that seemed appropriate for them and the occasion. One guy, not so much.

Let me make one thing clear, I'm not judging the guy or his character, just his awful fashion sense. I have terrible judgement when it comes to clothes (just ask my wife) but when I know someone picked the wrong outfit, YOU'VE DONE MESSED UP A-ARON!

I'm sure some people look nice in the cut up, black jean shorts pictured above, but try to think of all of your guy friends wearing these shorts. Do they look good in them? I didn't think so.


Before I tell you the final piece of advice, let me warm you about this one because this guy pissed me off on my honeymoon and I never thought that would ever happen. It is in no way, shape or form acceptable for anyone in a relationship to treat the other person this way. The guy who "gave me advice" needs a reality check and I was really close to giving him. Thankfully I never have to see this human pile of garbage ever again and if somehow this reaches whoever the hell that guy is, I hope someone someone puts him in his place.

**Warning: Strong adult language ahead**

"Never Treat Women Well"


This is the story of the piece of sh*t that gave me the worst "advice" I've ever received in my entire life. I don't remember what night is what, but I know I was very hungry that night. I'm one of those people who get hangry and I was starting to get there, but being on our honeymoon it's impossible to even get upset.

Anyway, we went to restaurant on the resort that had an hour wait. We went the next restaurant that we thought would have a smaller wait called El Patio. It had Mexican style food and it sounded amazing. It also had a wait but just for 20 minutes. We put our name in and went to the bar by the pool.

20 minutes passed and I told Ellie to wait at the bar and I'll just text her when our table is ready. It's a very short walk everywhere on the resort. As I got in line to see if our table was ready, there was a guy standing in front of my all by himself.

To make some small talk, I simply asked him "is your wife also waiting at the bar while you wait in line to get a table?" What this guy replied with next just blew my mind and left me speechless.

He said, "I left that dumb b*tch in the f*cking room. I take her on a vacation every two weeks and all she does is f*cking complain."

As I'm stuck there in absolute disbelief, this guy continued by saying, "can I give you a piece of advice?" Still in disbelief, I can't answer no like I want to. I'm also trying not to freak out on this guy while becoming not only hangry anymore, but just straight up pissed.

This jackass continues with his "piece of advice" by saying, "never treat women well."

EXCUSE ME?!?! I literally took 5 steps back away because the couple in front of me is about to get sat, they heard the whole thing and so did the host. As the host was talking to the couple in front of him, the guy rudely interrupts and says "you guys need to open more places because this 20 minute wait is bullsh*t."

The couple gets sat and it's his turn. This guy must have been here the night before, super trashed, because they were greeting him so kindly. Mind you the host, and I'm pretty sure a manager, heard him talking to me and rudely interrupt the couple in front of him. After a few moments of building him up like he was about so get sat by himself at a couples resort and not have to wait, they kindly walked him out of the line and away from the restaurant for his rude behavior.

Ellie and I sat down after he was escorted away and we enjoyed some very delicious food. Karma is a b*tch isn't it?


If you are ever looking for 3 terrible pieces of advice, there you go. Thanks to those 3 guys for showing me what not to do, how to act, or what to expect in a marriage.

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