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Now for the honeymoon! Ellie and I stayed at Secrets Cap Cana in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We went through literally the best travel agent in the world. Kayla Bevers, thank you so much for all the work you did on changing our honeymoon 3 or 4 times. I stopped counting. She did such great work for us and she's always posting deals for those wanting to take a vacation. You can find more details with her here.

Before we got to Secret, we met a couple who also got married on September 19th, who were from DeWitt, he is a Packers fan (like me) and she is a Vikings fan (like Ellie). We met on our flight from Chicago to Atlanta and then we found out we were all going to Secrets together. Ben and Courtney Maher is their name and they were so great to meet! We're very excited to see them and relive our time in Punta Cana.

The other people we met from around the country were so nice too. We met people from Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Idaho, New York, New Jersey, and just all over. Of course the staff at Secrets was amazing. They made sure we had the best time, ate the best food, drank the yummiest drinks, and made sure we always knew that we were in paradise.

Before I show you all of the picture, I need to tell you a story about a specific photo that has a very kind and awesome story behind it. It's the story of the 2006 Dom Perignon champagne we got for free at the Delta Sky Lounge in Atlanta.

Here is the story of Dom Perignon.

Ellie and I have a 4 hour layover in Atlanta on our way back to Chicago. In Punta Cana, a couple told us to go to the Delta Sky Lounge, which is where people with Delta cards and all that, can go an relax in a very nice area and eat and drink for free. We are not Delta members, we have no cards or miles with Delta, but we thought "let's give it a shot!"

We found the Delta Sky Lounge in Terminal B. This place was super dope. The only problem was when we got to the desk, we needed to have our ticket scanned. While standing in line, we met this very nice guy who looked to be traveling for business. I told him, "we are coming back from our honeymoon and we don't want to sit downstairs. We're going to give this a shot." Ellie tried to scan our tickets and the lady asked us how we were going to get in. The nice guy behind us offered us his one guest pass. He told the lady at the desk, "it's their honeymoon, I'll use one of my passes." The lady then responded with, "how is the other one going to get in?" The nice guy gave this lady a look that said, "it's their honeymoon and I spend a lot of money with Delta. You're letting them in." Then the nice lady let the other one of us in for free.

Now we're in the Delta Sky Lounge. I just thanked this guy up and down like he was the doctor who just delivered my first born child. We find a seat by the bar (duh) and I get a beer while Ellie orders a wine. We played a couple of games of Gin Rummy to pass the time before football came on and we had to leave.

About an hour in, 3 hours before we need to leave, the very nice guy who got us in, approaches us. I introduce Ellie and I and he tells us that his name is Zack and he is from Florida. He was heading home after a business trip. He then offered to buy us a bottle of champagne. It's the Delta Sky Lounge, even cheap champagne isn't that cheap. I over hear him tell the bartender that he "wants a bottle of Dom..." and I couldn't hear the rest. I know of only one champagne that starts with "Dom" and it isn't cheap.

The bartender starts pouring classes of champagne and he goes "oh no, I want the whole bottle." Without hesitation, the bartender responds with "Damn Zack! You are super generous today! Can I come join the party?!" Sure enough, here comes 3 glasses and a bottle of a 2006 Dom Perignon. If you haven't googled the price yet, this bottle goes for $200 on wine.com. Getting it at the Delta Sky Lounge in the Atlanta airport probably pushes that price to between $300-$400.

I told Zack he did not need to do that. He responded with "I'm just looking to burn the sh*t ton of miles I have." In my head, I'm trying to figure how many miles this bottle cost him. He must have taken like 30 trips around the world or something. His only stipulation with buying the champagne was that he could have a glass. He had two.

Thank you Zack for treating two people you just met so well. I'm not sure if this will make it to you in Florida or not, but if it does, Ellie and I wish you, your wife, and your 11 week old daughter the best.

And that is the story on how Ellie and I got into the Delta Sky Lounge and drank champagne we will never be able to afford again.

Thank you Secrets, Kayla, Delta, and Zack for the greatest honeymoon ever!

Our Honeymoon

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