I've searched far and wide, but I can't seem to find any of these things in and around the QCA. What a shame.

1. Beer

Gosh, I wish I could find a nice, refreshing beer somewhere. Could someone maybe lead me to it? I know I definitely can't get any at Hyvee.

2. Bridges

I've only dreamt of being able to cross the beautiful Mississippi over some kind of majestic structure, but that doesn't seem to exist here. Sad.

3. Live Music

It would be awesome if I could listen to my favorite bands in a cool venue space, but alas...

4. Coffee

I've wandered the streets, blurry-eyed, for hours in search of a caffeine fix. There are just no lattes to be had.

5. Ice Cream

I haven't had a scoop of creamy goodness since I moved here a few years ago.

6. Casinos

I love gambling, but there's no place to do it around here. Guess I should probably just drive to Vegas??

7. Chiropractors

Tell me, where does one go if they're in need of a back cracking? Does everyone just walk around with stiff necks all the time?

8. Charm

In no way does this place have that sort of wholesome, small town feel, mixed with the conveniences of a bigger city.


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