Valentine's Day pales in comparison to the weekend of Feb. 18-20, thanks to the Girl Scouts in eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

The Girl Scouts will be celebrating National Girl Scout Cookie weekend on those dates with cookie booths set up in different areas. For reference before you get out, here's the link to find where the Girl Scouts will be set up near you, just enter in your zip code. You can also order online.

If you don't feel like getting out, the Girl Scouts are teaming up with Doordash from Feb. 18-March 27. You can order those on According to a press release from the Girl Scouts, Doordash is waiving the fees that are normally charged to restaurants and suppliers so the money goes directly to the Girl Scout troop fulfilling the order.

Photo: Girl Scouts
Photo: Girl Scouts

There are plenty of options to get your fix-online, Doordash, cookie booths, or reach out to a Girl Scout if you know one. I do love my Samoas and Tagalongs. And the cookie sales support young female entrepreneurs. Can't go wrong there.

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The Girl Scouts in eastern Iowa and western Illinois also donate cookies to military members through their Care to Share program.

Traditional Girl Scout cookies are $5/box and the gluten-free Toffeetastic cookies are $6/box.

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