The Des Moines-area theme park is doing something very drastic--replacing its popular Log Ride with a brand new steel roller coaster.Times are changing for Adventureland. The park announced last week that it will be adding a new roller coaster in time for the 2016 season.

To make room for the new coaster, named “The Monster,” the park will be replacing the log ride.

“The Log Ride is over 40 years old, and while still structurally sound, technology for rides has advanced by leaps and bounds in that time period. It is requiring an enormous amount of upkeep and maintenance that isn’t feasible long term. We promise to provide our Fans with a suitable replacement, sooner rather than later,” park officials said in the announcement.

The coaster will feature a 2,500 foot-long steel track, 133-foot vertical lift hill, five inversions, a 101-degree first drop and 10 “airtime” moments, and travel at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. It will also cross the park’s “Sky Ride” eight times and boast the first negative-G stall loop in the western hemisphere. [WHO-TV]

Most major amusement parks do this kind of thing; they replace the less-popular or harder-to-maintain rides in order to give customers more bang for their buck. And "The Monster" looks pretty cool! Check out the artist renderings below.

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