There's a new tradition in Iowa City and it's pretty cool.

According to WQAD, The University of Iowa built the new children's hospital overlooking Kinnick Stadium. I have had friends there with their kids and the view I've seen in photos is pretty cool. It give patients and their families a bird's eye view into the stadium.

The Hawkeyes already has what it calls "Kid Captins,"but what about the kids in the hospital looking down on the 90-year-old stadium? There was a social media post that went viral and its now a tradition that started this past Saturday.

During the first quarter, 75 thousand fans will turn to the hospital and "wave" to the patients and their families receiving care. It's almost a tear jerking moment. Hawkeye-nation stops for a few minutes to give these kids hope. This will be a new tradition at home Hawkeye games.

I actually saw a piece about this on ESPN Sunday or Monday, and it almost brought the SportsCenter anchor to tears.



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