You know those days where you're running late, or you just really want to get home, and you find yourself stuck at a stoplight? And in that moment, even if it's only for a literal minute, it feels like the stoplight in the world.

Well, if you hit this particular stoplight, you'll appreciate all those others. Thanks to construction on I-74, there is a stoplight that actually stays red for three and a half minutes. According to KWQC, "those at risk of the extended delay are eastbound motorists on Grant Street who are turning left onto 14th Street in Bettendorf."

In other words, if you need to get on I-74 West, maybe take a different entrance. Then again, maybe it could work in your favor! You can get a lot done in three and a half minutes.You could do your makeup, finish the breakfast you took out the door with you, and of course, you can listen to a full song and then some on B100!

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