Sure we've seen speed radar guns and even speed photos but there's something new coming to Bettendorf and Moline's I-74 bridge.

You shouldn't be speeding on that bridge anyway but now something will be in the sky to deter you even more from flying across it. It's "aerial speed-enforcement markings", according to the Quad-City Times. They're kind of unique so follow me on this:

Illinois State Police Trooper Josh Robinson said that they work like this: there are three horizontal lines that were painted on the bridge back in October. Those will be the basis of it. They will be used by police-manned aircraft to measure a car's speed, based on the time it takes drivers to travel between from line to line.

Robinson told the Times that they will use a stopwatch to time the car as it travels between the three lines, with each of the lines being 660 feet apart. Then officials in an aircraft (whatever kind that will be) will chat with troopers at the bridge corridor about it before you get pulled over if you're zooming. The idea of getting chased by a helicopter down the road definitely gives me "Smokey and the Bandit" vibes.

If you're wondering why they're not just using land-borne patrol, Robinson said it's safer to use the aerial detection equipment. Which would definitely make sense considering the way some people drive.

Also, the DOT would like to remind you that even though it's wider than the old 74 bridge, it can still freeze and become slick in winter weather so be careful on it.

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