In Wisconsin, it's not's definitely DiGiorno.

Thanks to a recent video posted on Twitter by user @MikeBradleyMKE, people are suddenly paying very close attention to a Woodman's supermarket because of their frozen pizza section.

The video has about 6 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Because you just don't see this in supermarkets every day.

Just take a look at the video. I have never seen so many frozen pizzas in one place in my life. It looks like thousands of pizzas are smushed into the freezers. You surely won't have to worry about not finding your favorite frozen pizza here.

As you can imagine, the bumper crop of frozen pizzas has people who are not from Wisconsin demanding to know just "what's going on down there?"

The island-style freezers in the middle of the supermarket floor, the freezers with doors, even the freaking end-caps, they are just full of various frozen pizzas.


Twitter users identified that this was a Woodman's and one person said that one store has "a whole separate section JUST FOR BREAKFAST PIZZAS". Can someone please point me in the direction of that aisle??

Dang, What's With All The Frozen Pizza?

According to WHBF, some folks think that Wisconsin's distinctly cold winters can make it harder to order pizza. Or it could be that Wisconsin is home to the companies that produce the frozen pizza brands, like DiGiorno, Tombstone, etc., which actually seems like the most logical explanation.

Wisconsin is a "frozen pizza leader", according to the Appleton Post-Crescent. That could also be because a lot of meat and cheese that are used in the pizzas actually come from Wisconsin already. Chris Zelch of Nestle’s frozen pizzas division told the Post-Crescent that Wisconsin is the largest per-capita consumer of the brand's frozen pizzas (which are DiGiorno, Tombstone, California Pizza Kitchen, Stouffer's, and others).

Frozen or delivery, we gotta love a good 'za.

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