Adam Sandler was looking to get his first ever Oscar nomination, or even win with his amazing performance in the movie "uncut Gems." As someone who saw the movie I agree with fans who say he got snubed!

How does this lead to the worst movie ever? In an interview Sandler stated that if he didn't get an Oscar nomination he would make the worst movie he possible could as revenge, and seeing that he didn't get the nomination it should be interesting to see what Adam puts out next.

He did handle this snub with stride. He tweeted a joke and congratulated an old friend of his from one of his older movies 'Water boy'.' 

It seems as though Sandler will have to wait another year at least before he ever gets a nomination for something, but if he can get more roles like the one in 'Uncut Gems' then I'm sure we'll see that nomination sooner rather than later, but i'm more excited to see what his "worst movie ever" will be. Hopefully not a 'Jack and Jill 2'  

Are you a fan of Adam Sandler? Do you think he deserved an Oscar for his most recent role? For a full  list of Oscar Nominations you can check here. 

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