Frank Fritz, the former co-star of the antiquing reality show "American Pickers", has suffered a stroke.

People reports that Mike Wolfe, Fritz's former co-star on the show and a friend that he had a strained relationship with, posted the update on Instagram yesterday. In the caption, Wolfe wrote:

I have been very private in the past year in regards to Frank's life and the journey he's been on. There has been lots of opinions in regards to mine and Frank's friendship and the show but now is not the time to set the record straight. Now is the time to pray for my friend. Frank has suffered a stroke and is in the hospital. Please keep him in your hearts and thoughts. Frank I pray more than anything that you make it through this okay. I love you buddy.

Fritz and Wolfe starred in The History Channel's "American Pickers" reality show that debuted in 2010. According to The Sun, Fritz got a farmhouse in Scott County after the show ended.

You've seen the show: Fritz and Wolfe traveled around the country to see people's old stuff and see if they might unknowingly be sitting on a fortune.

According to People, Fritz went into rehab for alcohol addiction before he was fired from the show. His last appearance on "American Pickers" was in March 2020.

When it comes to Iowa, the show focused on Wolfe's presence in LeClaire. Fritz didn't have great things to say about his hometown, Davenport and it's alleged lack of support for him. In 2013, he vocalized that. As Outsider reports, he said at the time:

It feels like my city has pretty much turned its back on me. The Quad-Cities has a few people who have done something special. Look at (Living Lands & Waters’) Chad Pregracke. I went to his premiere at the Adler when his pilot episode aired. I was happy to promote him. I like to help people. But no one in Davenport ever asks.

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