I consider myself to be a manly sort of guy. I'm not afraid of anything except for one thing...snakes. I hate snakes more than Indiana Jones. I don't mind seeing them behind glass or in a photograph, but if one is on the loose there will be a safe distance.

Iowa has 27 species of snakes. Four of those snakes are poisonous and are on the endangered species list except the timber rattler. Timber rattlesnakes are the largest and potentially the most dangerous.. The massasauga is known to live only in three state marshes. The prairie rattlesnake is very rare in Iowa and is limited to the northern portions of the Loess Hills. The copperhead is found only in a tiny area of southeastern Iowa.

You wont catch me anywhere near these four or any other snake including the gardener snake. I get the willies just thinking about them. Read more about snakes in Iowa here.

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