It's hard to break into Hollywood but you do it, there are plenty of options to pursue.

Chris Jai Alex does it all. He's done television, voiceover, motion capture, and stunt work. For the whole first season of CBS' Supergirl – now on the CW – Alex was the stunt double for the character of Martian Manhunter.

Prior to his appearance at Planet Funk Con in Moline this weekend, Alex stopped by B100 to discuss his work, and what fans can expect at the con.

These days, he's doing a lot more stunt and voiceover work. But exactly five years to the day before his B100 visit, Alex's episode of Sam & Cat aired on Nickelodeon. He recalls hearing Ariana Grande sing for the first time ever live at that taping, and being absolutely blown away.

He says he told her, "Little girl, you sound like Monica!" And she said, "Who's Monica?" (Monica sang alongside Brandy on "The Boy Is Mine.")

Fans can meet Chris Jai Alex and hear more about his Nickelodeon days and superhero work at Planet Funk Con, Saturday, June 23 at TaxSlayer Center.

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