We are back at it again! The QCA High School Football Game of the Week keeps getting better and better. Especially our recap videos! People have been coming hyped and ready to put on a great show for our videos!

This week's Game of the Week is Galesburg vs Moline! We are traveling to Moline to see what all the hype is about! A win for Moline will all but secure them a playoff spot! They are definitely a favorite to win state this year, and we look forward to see just how good they are up close and personal. Come join us for free swag and be a part of our weekly recap video!

About the QCA High School Football Game of the Week:
We are going to be out and about in the Quad Cities area all High School Football season long! We will have a different game of the week every week! Look out for us at these games as we give away B100 swag and free tickets to different events and businesses in the Quad Cities!

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