On Saturday, my wife and I held a gender reveal party at the B100 Studios with friends and family. It was a fun and exciting day and we know baby Kenney is going to be loved so much. In case you missed out on the gender reveal, Ellie and I, along with B100 listeners, Facebook Live watchers, and everyone present found out that baby Kenney is going to be a... GIRL!

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Saturday was an exciting day! Ellie and I were surrounded by our friends and family, and we found out that come April 2022, baby girl Kenney will be in the world. We can't wait to meet her!

There are many people I would like to thank for helping out on Saturday. Many of our friends at the radio station helped out and made Saturday's gender reveal party a success.

The first person that needs to be thanked is Maddie DeWilfond. Maddie works at the B100 Studios and basically did everything. She was the only one who knew the gender of baby girl Kenney and ordered the right color. She was incredible and we can't thank her enough.

A huge shoutout goes to Nally's Kitchen. They catered the food and also gave me gift cards to giveaway Saturday during the broadcast. Don't forget you can have Nally's cater your gender reveal party, or any gettogether, especially with the holidays coming up. Check out their menu and place your order here.

Nothing Bundt Cakes also provided us with adorable bundlets that were boy and girl themed. They were delicious as always and very adorable.

Because there were so many relatives and friends that came on Saturday, I'm not going to list them all out. But I do want to thank Ellie's parents and brothers for coming down, and I want to thank all of my siblings, their kids, and my parents for joining us. To all of our friends and other relatives that came, we can't thank them enough. It seemed like everyone had fun, talked for a moment on B100, and made us feel so loved and happy on Saturday.

Finally, I want to thank my incredible wife and mother-to-baby girl Kenney, Ellie. Thank you for doing all of the hard work from this point out and for giving us the precious gift. You're an amazing wife and I know you'll be an amazing mom. I love you, Ellie.

In case you missed the gender reveal on Saturday, here was the moment we found out baby Kenney is going to be a girl (skip to 14-minute mark if not already there):

To give back to the Quad Cities community, we held a very unique two-week-long diaper drive to support families who are in need of diapers and other baby supplies. B100 listeners and the Quad Cities community came together and donated diapers, wipes, and other needed baby supplies to guess the gender of baby Kenney.

Before the reveal on Saturday, we learned that the Quad Cities guessed 'boy'. There were 531 diapers in the girl bin, and 561 diapers in the boy bin. On Saturday, our friends and family guessed baby Kenney would be a girl, and the family was correct.

All diapers and baby supplies donated at the B100 Studios were donated to Community Health Care Inc. to be dispersed to families who are in need of those supplies in the Quad Cities community.

Community Health Care
Community Health Care

Thank you again to everyone for donating diapers for families in need. Check out photos from our pregnancy reveal photoshoot:

Baby Kenney Photo Shoot

Connor Kenney and his wife Ellie are expecting their first child! Baby Kenney is due April 5, 2022. You can read more details about it here. Here are photos from their maternity shoot.

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