The next great food accomplishment is finally here: BACON FRIED OREOS! Open wide :-) 

The food blog has posted the recipe, and it seems to be pretty user-friendly:

1. Wrap each cookie in a single slice of raw bacon (thin cut probably works best).

2. Once wrapped, secure each Oreo by sliding a toothpick through the creme center.

3. Fry in canola oil at 350 degrees until even golden on all sides.

As for what happens AFTER you've made a batch?

"You find a spot where where no one can judge you...your teeth sink down into a warm, tender and borderline-melty OREO, as you have an out of body OREO experience!   This flavor combo is SO beautifully balanced to perfection that you realize sanity is way overrated…"

I'm DEFINITELY giving these a try! Click here to make them for yourself!!

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