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Owners of Bad Boy'z Pizza and Pub's are closing their location in Davenport, but are looking to reopen a location in Davenport as soon as possible.

In a press release and social media announcement on Tuesday, the owners of Bad Boy'z Pizza and Pub's announced that they are closing their doors at their location at 5266 Utica Ridge Road in Davenport. The final day of this location will be on Sunday, August 30th.

Owner Scott Hancock and his daughters Emily McKenzie and Amber Hancock has been running the Utica Ridge location for over the past 7 years. According to the press release, the lease at the Davenport location is expiring at the end of the month.

Bad Boy'z encourages and invites customers to visit their other location at 313 16th Street in Moline. Customers who have purchased a Bad Boy'z gift card at the Davenport location can redeem that gift card at any current or future Bad Boy'z locations.

Customers with parties and events schedule at the Davenport location will be contacted by Ms. KcKenzie. Employees of the Bad Boy'z on Utica Ridge will be extended other employment opportunities at other locations owned by Hancock.

The press release concludes by saying that relocating the Davenport location is underway and is the immediate objective at this time. You can find more information in the press release below or on their Facebook page.

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