This commercial may be a little creepy, but it has a good message.

People using bathroom things are really hard to advertise, whether it's on the radio or on television. It's just hard! You have the bears from Charmin singing and wiping, very diaper or pregnancy test commercial has a blue stream for some reason. We all have bodily functions that require hygiene products and companies want people to know what the best it. I totally get it.  But this commercial, it has this creepy vibe, but it's also pretty funny.The ad starts with soap suds cleaning a tub and singing about the "shine-tastic job" they do, all while a smiling woman watches on excitedly. Sounds cute and a product that does a good job right? The product being "advertised" is called Shiny Suds and after the tub is clean, the commercial ends... So you think.Then there is the rest of the commercial. What most likely is the next morning, the woman in a robe announcing when breakfast would be ready, takes off her robe and pulls back the shower curtain to shower obviously, when all of sudden, the suds from the day before cleaning her tub all that once greet her with "morning" which scares the crap out of her.

She asks why they are still there and they explain that they are chemical residue left from the cleaner she used yesterday. "We give you the impression of clean and then we get to watch you clean," says one of the suds. They encourage her to get into the show and she does, but feels extra uncomfortable, as we all do at this point, as the suds stare and make gross comments at her. Remember the song "shine-tastic suds?" After chanting at her to use a loofah, they sing that song but in way dirtier way.

This commercial is in support of the Household Product Labeling Act. It was created by Method, who is in favor of this act. The Household Product Labelling Act helps consumers understand the quality and performance of the products they by.The spot came out in 2009 but as you can imagine, a lot of backlash came with it. It was eventually pulled over complaints of sexism because people thought it promoted harassment.

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