You know what they say, "nothing runs away from police like a Deere." No? That's not the saying you say? A North Carolina man definitely thought that it was after leading police on a chance while driving a stolen piece of equipment that has ties back to the Quad Cities. A John Deere tractor.

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A man in North Carolina is in custody after leading officers of the Boone Police Department on a wild chase in a stolen John Deere tractor. KWQC's sister station, WBTV, broke the story on Tuesday and the video is going viral on TikTok and other social media outlets.

According to Boone Police Department, officers received a call about a man driving a tractor erratically in a parking lot and trying to hit pedestrians. The man also hit a vehicle off Highway 421 on the east side of Boone, NC on Tuesday. The man was identified as Ronnie Hicks, and the officers apparently know this gentleman for probably not very good reasons.

Boone Police say Hicks hit several vehicles, a dumpster, and a church with the tractor. He intentionally rammed into a police vehicle and drove into oncoming traffic. WBTV says the chase lasted for quite a few miles. Speeds got up to between 25-30 mph.

Boone Police Chief Andy Le Beau said in the press release,

"We are still trying to sort it all out."

Under the order of Chief Le Beau, officers shot out a tire of the John Deere tractor after spike strips showed they weren't working against the tractor. After chasing Hicks for miles, he ended up running out of road, hopped off the tractor wielding a knife, and was eventually tased and arrested without injury to him or an officer.

Even though Mr. Hicks seems to be the town crazy, he's got good taste in tractors by choosing a John Deere.

In case you forgot, John Deere moved his company to Moline in 1848 and to this day the world's largest agricultural manufacturing company, Deere & Co.,  is headquartered here in the Quad Cities in Moline, IL.

Videos of the chase are going viral on TikTok and other social media outlets. Check out the videos below of that crazy-ass Ronnie Hicks stirring up trouble again!

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