There are so many incredible towns in Iowa that finding 'the best' one would be impossible. That's why it's not a huge surprise that two of Iowa's finest towns made it on the list of the best small towns in the Midwest that you should visit.

Two Iowa Communities Named Best Small Towns In The Midwest

Recently, USA Today revealed the ten spots that you and I have to visit and check out in the Midwest. In the top ten are two Iowa communities worthy of making this list. Chances are you visited one if not both of these Iowa towns because of their charm, scenic wonders, and the fame that has become of them. People across the nation know these two towns are popular destinations that are on their bucket list of places to explore.


Starting the list at #10 is Winterset, Iowa. USA Today points out how the Golden Age of film's biggest star was born here and how that makes it a major attraction:

"Less than an hour southwest of Des Moines, the Hawkeye State town of Winterset is best known as the birthplace of iconic Golden Age actor John Wayne. Clothing, letters, and film paraphernalia that once belonged to the star can be viewed at the aptly named John Wayne Birthplace & Museum. Visitors can also enjoy a movie at The Iowa Theater, built downtown in 1899, or stop in at one of a few local wineries for a tasting."

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Right after at #9 is a town that was made famous from the classic 1989 film, Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. Welcome to Dyersville, Iowa. If you build it, a lot of people will come for Midwest magic in the middle of a cornfield:

"Long before “Field of Dreams” put Dyersville on the map in 1989, it was a homey small farm town with plenty of things to see and do. From the National Farm Toy Museum and racetracks to numerous parks and antique shops, there's something for everyone here. And, of course, the field and farmhouse that served as the backdrop for the famous film remain and are open for tours (and a little dreaming of seeing the ghosts of baseball’s past)."

A great honor for these two Iowa towns to be the best in the Midwest and the U.S.

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