2020 has been a year were we've seen some of the worst possible things a year can bring, but it has also showed the best in people. With many people right here in the QC going out of their way to help others.

Now you can join in and help with this trash clean up event, taking place this Saturday, 09/19/2020.

This event begins at 9 am and ends by 11 am. Help is needed with picking up trash and debris along Duck Creek. Help is also needed with the bike bath in Bettendorf from Middle to Devils Glen roads.

If you want to help with this clean up you can register here. Volunteers will be meeting at Middle Park lagoon. The website stats that this will be a,

" Light duty trash and debris removal"

Masks are encouraged along with sturdy shoes and long pants. It is also recommended to bring water, bug spray and sunscreen and to be prepared to get dirty.

More information about this event can be found at X stream Clean up.

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