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Alexander Koerner
Alexander Koerner

The Bettendorf Police Department are handing out Bicycle Safety Citations to kids. No it's not an actual citation, it's an incentive program to get kids to ride their bikes safely.

Normally when you hear the word citation, you think of a ticket for speeding, not wearing a seat belt, or whatever you did to deserve a ticket from a police officer. Normally, you don't hear about kids getting a citation. Well, the Bettendorf Police Department is handing out an unique type of citation to the kids of Bettendorf. These citations are actually a good thing to get!

The Bettendorf Police Department announced on social media on Sunday that once again this year, they will be issuing Bicycle Safety Citations to kids that are riding their bike in a safe and respectable manner. According to the post from the department,  if a uniformed patrol officer with the Bettendorf Police Department spots a kid or group of kids who are wearing bike helmets correctly and riding in a safe manner, they will issue them a  Bicycle Safety Citation. This citation will get them a very sweet and cold treat.

The citations handed out by the Bettendorf Police Department is good for free ice cream at one of the safety sponsor locations in the city of Bettendorf. Those sponsor locations include Happy Joe's, Whitey's, Dairy Queen, and Culver's. 

Make sure your kids are riding their bikes safely through Bettendorf, and double check that they are wearing a helmet and follow the rules of the road. You never know, they might get the best citation you can receive!

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