Crust Stone Oven Pizza in Bettendorf closed its doors in December of last year due to the negative effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses. 6 months later, a new local coffee shop has opened its doors in a part of the old Crust building. The new name of the coffee shop is Coffee Apothecary. The new pizza place opening next to it so far is unknown.

I had the chance to go and visit Coffee Apothecary the day after it opened. I spoke with owner Lindsey Schmidt about her new venture. She's a first-time business owner who absolutely loves coffee and is excited to bring her take on coffee to the Quad Cities.

To clarify a couple of things, no, this has nothing to do with the television show Schitt's Creek. Sure, the term apothecary became popular again because of Rose Apothecary, David's business in the show, but Coffee Apothecary is themed around the definition of apothecary (which I tell you below).

Lindsey's brother actually brought the name, Coffee Apothecary, up to her. She said, "I thought we could go a cool route with it so I ran with the theme."

In regards to the pizza place going in next door, when I spoke with Lindsey and her mom Cindy, I asked if they knew what was going next door in the rest of the old Crust building. They told me that a new pizza place was going there but didn't know the name. Hopefully, they will know soon and hit me up so I can let you know.

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Back to Coffee Apothecary! Check out my conversation with Lindsey and photos of Bettendorf's and the Quad Cities' newest coffee shop, Coffee Apothecary.

Bettendorf Welcomes Coffee Apothecary

Coffee Apothecary is Bettendorf's newest coffee shop. Located at 2571 53rd Ave in Bettendorf, Coffee Apothecary offers unique and delicious drinks with very unique names. You know, to go along with their apothecary theme. I spoke with owner Lindsey Schmidt and took a look inside.

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