Imagine driving down an Iowa country road at night and spotting the ghost of a heartbroken woman, still searching for her long lost love. According to legend, Stony Hollow Road in Burlington is among one of the most haunted roads in the US.

The story goes that a young woman named Lucinda was so upset after being jilted by her secret fiance that she threw herself off of a cliff and onto Stony Hollow Road, according to Mysterious Heartland. Another version of the story says that Lucinda heard her beau had run off with another woman, leading to her suicide.

Whatever the case may be, Burlington area residents have experienced sitings of Lucinda's ghost for decades. According to an urban legend, saying Lucinda's name three times while on the road will make her ghost appear. Different versions of the legend say that if Lucinda drops a rose at your feet, you will die.

While I don't think I believe the hype surrounding the road, I would definitely be hesitant to drive down it at night, although maybe not because of the "ghost."  I'm sure at this point plenty of teenagers have tested out the urban legends and continue to stand in the road, chanting Lucinda's name while taking Snapchat videos. I would be too paranoid about potentially hitting one of them to even get near the area after sundown.

Then again, maybe I am a little scared of the idea of seeing Lucinda. Maybe.

If you're feeling brave, here are the directions to Stony Hollow Road from Davenport. It's only an hour and a half drive, and I'm sure your Snapchat followers would appreciate the videos.

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