Today I learned that there is technically 10 reindeer on Santa's team now. It used to be 9, but now it appears there may be an additional member on the team. The original list was;







Donder (Sometimes called Donner)


and of course with the 1949 song 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' he too would join the team as number 9.

So what makes it 10 to some people you may be asking. A movie called Olive, the Other Reindeer came out in 1999 and received solid feed back, but never got passed that. Fast forward to now, and some kids and adults are being taught and saying Olive is the 10th Reindeer. Even leading to some very heated debates. Who knew debates about Reindeer could get so intense.

According to some sites as well, there are 10 reindeer. This concept was a fun idea for me, so I interviewed the B100 team to see if they could name all the reindeer on Santa's team.

Can you name all 10 reindeer, or do you prefer to stick with the 9?