There is definitely a noticeable increase of thefts, but there is one city being hit hardest in the QCA.

Car thefts are up in the Quad Cities and in one city, it's near 'epidemic' numbers.

Bettendorf, so far, seems to be hit the hardest, with residents being alerted and warned to keep their cars locked over the weekend, according to

"Last month, Quad City law enforcement held a joint news conference to launch a "Lock It Up" initiative to try and get drivers to lock their vehicles.

Close to 800 vehicles have been stolen in the area over the past 12 months, 250 this year alone. That's two vehicles a day."

Police are expressing some concerns about the potential for this to increase if area residents don't take the necessary precautions. They neither want to see it taken to the level nor see, carjacking, so heeding their warning is the best and safest idea.

Here are a few videos with tips to help prevent car theft.