COVID-19 and this pandemic have caused a chain reaction of multiple different things happening all over America. According to WAVY, car jackings have increased in multiple cities and have even tripled in some parts of Chicago.

It's easy to forget how big the QC is sometimes, but it is important to remember to keep and eye out for your car and surroundings. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a magical fix to deter any car jacker but it certainly can help. This issue affects people of all ages, so it is vital that all age groups are educated regarding the topic. Carjacking of delivery vehicle thefts have also spiked during this pandemic. PEW went on to state:

Armed carjackers have victimized motorists at stoplights, parking garages and gas stations, according to police. Others have taken off in food delivery drivers’ idling cars while they’re picking up or delivering orders.

While it is hard to "prevent" car jacks there are a few tips on how to make it less likely to happen.

1. Don’t leave valuables in sight inside your car.

2. Lock your car doors and keep the windows up, especially when driving as being stopped at red lights or stop signs could be a prime opportunity for the wrong person to cross your path

3. Keep your car tuned up and full of gas.

Stay safe and vigilante out there, Quad Cities.

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