According to The New York Times, Americans are stress buying chickens. Back in March baby chicks had sold out, and they have continued to sell out ever since.

The combination of an enormous rise in unemployment, anxious free time for those not struggling with illness, and financial instability has created a number of strange moments in economics. For the next few weeks, baby chickens are next to impossible to find.

While chickens are out of season in most stores, you can still find many on local selling sites.

My family actually gave in and bought 6 chickens just last month. Many families are doing the same with the average number of chickens being between 3 and 6.

According to CNN at one point sales for chickens had increased 525%.

Chickens are by no means the easiest pet, but they are pretty manageable and they produce eggs which is an added bonus. My family got them just so we could have their own eggs. (That and because my little sister loves chickens.) Naming the birds, and growing a connection with them is also nice.

The hardest part is getting them back into their coop. They can have moments where they are very smart and moments where they are very stubborn. Make sure you keep and eye on them form time to time, and talk to a professional before you get any new winged family members.

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