Residents in Clinton are not happy with the people who have delayed the opening of the Riverview Pool. City of Clinton officials gave some upsetting news that the municipal pool will have to delay its opening even further as the pool was vandalized causing the pool to need to be drained.

This is why we can't have nice things.

On Thursday, the City of Clinton and the Clinton Parks and Recreation Department took to social media to make the unfortunate announcement that Clinton's Riverview Pool will have to once again delay opening for the summer season. Officials said that an act of vandalism has resulted in the Riverview Municipal Pool having to be drained, according to the Model Aquatic Health Code regulations.

The opening day for the pool was originally scheduled for this Saturday, June 4th, which is typically later in the season. Last week we heard from Clinton Parks and Recreation officials that the opening date was pushed to June 4th due to three factors Those three factors included weather, water temperature, and chemical balancing.

The act of vandalism to Clinton's Riverview Pool has caused the pool's opening to be delayed until further notice. Clinton Parks and Recreation Department officials say the pool will take time to drain and there are plans that include deep cleaning, refilling all 3 sections of the pool, and finally re-balancing the chemicals.

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This incident will result in the pool being down for several days, according to Clinton City officials.

City of Clinton staff is working quickly and diligently to get the pool back up and operational the social media post said. Officials will announce a new opening date once one can be determined. The post also came with an apology from City of Clinton officials saying,

We are very sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

Not sure why the City of apologizing when the jerks who did the vandalism should be saying sorry.

Residents may look to the City’s Parks & Recreation Facebook page for updates.

There were no specifics as to what the act of vandalism to Riverview Municipal Pool was. Officials say there is an ongoing investigation of the incident.

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