Have you checked the weather forecast lately? I know, I know, we train ourselves not to do that until Winter is officially officially gone. Just because the first day of Spring hits, doesn't mean Winter's gone for good.

But we're supposed to get to nearly 70 degrees toward the end of this week. Seriously. Temps are forecasted to be in the mid-60s. You might be able to head outside without a coat! It's been a long, brutal winter, but we're finally getting out.

And with that, comes a new slate of seasonal drinks! Fall has pumpkin spice lattes, Winter has peppermint mochas, and Spring and Summer have Monster Coolers.

Have you had one? They're one of the most popular things on the menu at Coffee Revolution. And as of today, we have their 2019 lineup! Check it out:

Which ones sounds the tastiest to you? Personally, I think a Grinch or a Red Rage sounds good.

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