The Mississippi River is getting high and the city of Davenport has announced new precautions.

Starting Friday, there will be several areas and roads on Davenport's riverfront that will be closed due to river flooding. The river is expected to get to 18.7 feet by Wednesday so in preparation, the city is closing some low-lying areas. Again, most of these start Friday. Here's the latest from


  • River Drive between Iowa & Perry Streets (to put in temporary flood barriers. No parking on side streets between Iowa & Perry or between River Drive & 2nd Street. But you can use the Harrison Street Parking Ramp for free)
  • River Drive at Marquette
  • Possible lane reductions at River Drive around the Federal area, adjacent to Marquette
  • S. Concord between River Drive and Wapello. That closure will probably extend to Utah by the end of the week, according to the city.
  • Beiderbecke will probably be underwater and close at some point over the weekend.


  • Credit Island is closed beginning Thursday, April 20th.
  • Riverfront Recreational Trail between Credit Island and Veterans Memorial Park

The river is forecasted to rise quite quickly. It's expected to be around 15 feet on Friday, then around 18 feet on Monday. Here's the hydrograph of the Mississippi River at Rock Island:

Of course, this could affect your commute for a while. If you regularly take River Drive, you'll need to find an alternate route starting on Friday. You can keep up with the latest updates from the city on their website.

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