Summer is officially over, and it's starting to look like fall might barely come around before winter weather starts hitting.

On Wednesday, we learned that the Quad Cities can expect its first frost as early as next week. Now, KWQC reports that Davenport is already loading up on road salt for winter weather.

This isn't necessarily out of the ordinary, nor is it a bad idea. It's better to have the salt ready to go, than have to send for it when the weather actually hits.

According to Davenport Public Works, 28 trucks brought in 2,000 tons of salt, which is to be used in Clinton, Muscatine, Buffalo, Andalusia and the Davenport Community School District. In total, 19,000 tons has been allocated to the QCA, with Davenport's portion adding up to 10,600 tons.

Davenport will also have another 10,000 tons of salt on reserve should extreme weather like last year hit again. Last winter, the city used roughly 15,000 tons of road salt. So, theoretically, we should be well-prepared!

Then again, you really never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us.

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