Well, we've officially reached the miserable portion of winter. When you go outside, the air hurts your face, roads are icy, and snow is almost totally unpredictable. But at some point, the cold will pass. (It has to, right...?) And when it does, Davenport will be ready for the summer.

According to the City of Davenport Government Facebook page, the City Council voted this week on "the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of the North Marquette Off Road Bicycle Trail with an agreement extension with the Friends of Off Road Cycling (FORC)."

That's just a nice, fancy way of saying that Davenport is going to be getting new trails to bike and hike on. And, according to the map, it looks like a dog park will be part of the expansion as well.

Here's the proposed routes/map:

At this point, the post reads like the expansions are a done deal, which should make for an exciting summer!

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