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If you're a Davenport resident, you're familiar with regular annoyances like constant construction and spikes in crime, but would you consider yourself to be miserable? According to Road Snacks, you probably are.

Road Snacks recently compiled a top ten list of the most miserable cities in Iowa, and our fair Quad City came in at number 8. The website determined the rankings based on factors like percentage of residents with a college degree, average commute times, unemployment rates, cost of living, percentage of married couples, percentage of homeowners, and poverty rate. The factors are then averaged together to determine the "most miserable." Lowest rates of each equal least happy, according to the website.

Apparently Davenport has a relatively low rate of people who own their own home, with just 56 percent of the population being homeowners. The percentage of married couples hovers just above 44 percent, which does seem pretty low to me. Then again, does being married guaranteed you're not miserable? I think that depends on who you ask.

Other cities considered to be the most miserable include Des Moines, Keokuk, and Council Bluffs. Each city has a population over 2,000. Check out the full list here.

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