The Davenport school board approved budget cuts totaling $4.7 million.

According to our local news partner Local 4 News, the school board approved an amended version of Davenport schools superintendent Robert Kobylski’s recommendations to slash the district’s budget by $4.7 million.

This large budget cut will include eliminating 30 teachers and 6 administrators. Additionally, 10 other positions will be cut bringing the total to 46 positions being eliminated. Not only will many people lose their jobs, but the budget cuts will also include the closing of Keystone Academy located on West Kimberly Road.

Students in the alternative education program at Keystone Academy will be moved to their home schools in different areas. Keystone Academy is the most impacted school but not the only one in the school district. Mid City High will no longer serve 9th graders.

Raises for administrators for next year won't happen either. A salary freeze has been implemented for administrators. For non administrators, they will receive a 1.5% raise for 2021, instead of the planned 2%.

The high schools will also see a change to their class schedules. They will switch to a modified block schedule making teachers teach for 4 straight 90 minute blocks.

According to Local 4 News, superintendent Robert Kobylski did point out that the state gave input saying that the district had too many employees in the first place.

Even though the proposal was approved by the school board, the proposal will now head to the School Budget Review Committee. Their review is expected to come on March 10th.

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