The Arctic blast in Iowa has been keeping air temperatures and wind chills extremely cold. With classes beginning after Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Tuesday, Jan. 15, many assume classes will be canceled or delayed due to the cold.

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The biggest school district on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities actually has a two-hour early dismissal on Tuesday. No, it's not because of the weather or cold temperatures on Tuesday, it's because of the weather on Friday.

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How did Friday's weather impact the Davenport Community School announcing an early dismissal for Tuesday? It's because of what was supposed to happen on Friday.

Early Dismissal For Davenport Schools On Tuesday

If you have a student with the Davenport Community School District, plan to pick them up early tomorrow (Tues., Jan. 16, 2024) because they will be let out 2-hours early.


On Friday, Jan. 12, classes were canceled because of the inclement weather. The Quad Cities saw almost 16 inches of snow from the storm late Thursday night to early Saturday morning.

Friday's canceled classes were actually supposed to be dismissed 2-hours early. Friday, Jan. 12th was the mark of the end of the second quarter. That's when students were supposed to have finals and teachers had time to give final grades. Because that didn't happen, officials from Davenport Schools said this in a social media post:

"Good morning DCSD families,

The inclement weather and cancellation of school last Friday have necessitated a schedule change for this week. The school day that was canceled on Friday, January 12th, marked the end of the second quarter with a scheduled two-hour early dismissal. As a result of Friday’s cancellation, we will be moving the end of the second quarter to Tuesday, January 16th. This means that the two-hour early dismissal that was scheduled for Friday, January 12th will now be scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th. This adjustment will allow our high school students the opportunity to complete their end-of-term finals and will provide our teachers time to complete grading requirements for the term."

Below is Davenport School's updated schedule:

  • Monday, January 15th: No School due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Tuesday, January 16th: End of second quarter, two-hour early dismissal

Some schools across the Quad Cities area are already calling for no classes on Tuesday, Jan. 16th because of the extremely cold temps. We'll have those post later.

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