If you're looking for some fun in Davenport this weekend, you have plenty of options. The City of Davenport has a full list of events that are going on this weekend and that is fun for the entire family to do.

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The City of Davenport announced on social media on Friday a slew of family fun events going on this weekend of the Quad Cities. If you need something to do, there will be plenty of events to go to.

City officials say that "Davenport will be alive with things to do for the whole family all weekend!"

That it will be! Check out the full list of events in Davenport this weekend, including events that kickoff tonight:




If you know of any other events going on throughout the City of Davenport this weekend, hit up the city on their Facebook page or the Downtown Davenport, Iowa, or Quad Cities Facebook pages.

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Here's our highlights.

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