If you've been commuting on East 53rd St in Davenport during the construction east of Eastern Ave to Brady St, you are ready for it to be done. Long lines at the stoplights, no one moving ever, and just complete nonsense. While we are all happy to have 53rd not destroy our cars with its massive potholes and thankful to the crews on fixing it up, we are all ready for 53rd to finally reopen. The great news? We have a better idea on when that will be!

In a social media post on Sunday, the City of Davenport announced they are getting closer to finishing the road work on East 53rd Street between Brady St. and Eastern Ave. Officials from the City say that the road is estimated to re-open to all travel lanes in mid-to-late July.

Officials are trying to keep commuters calm and ask for patience while crews on E 53rd St are still finishing up the road.

"Just keep your eye on the prize (an improved road) and stay patient a little longer as the contractor continues to work through the back-to-back-to-back underground and COVID-related construction issues that have arisen over the last year."

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Even though construction on East 53rd Street is expected to end md-to-late July, City officials say that after the road work has been complete, there may by some punch list items that will be completed after the re-opening. The good part about those punch list items is that they should not require significant travel restrictions.

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