In northern Iowa, there's a set of cabins that would make for a lovely escape this summer.

The littles are on summer break and after a while you might need a rest. There are plenty of outlets to make that happen including cabins you might not know about in Decorah, Iowa.

Decorah High Point Cabin Rentals has listed on it's website some posh cozy cabins that look like romantic stays not only in the summer but in the fall too. Several of them are secluded but they're equipped with WiFi and a hot tub and overlook the Driftless Valley. Cabins that are also in their "Magnolia Series" have fireplaces and air conditioning, but there's no pets allowed though. Some of their cabins are listed as 'suitable for children' but the smaller, secluded ones aren't.

Regarding finding stuff to do in Decorah, it looks like there are many outdoorsy options, including a winery, according to TripAdvisor. There are parks, springs and waterfalls, historical buildings, a Christmas tree farm, a fish hatchery, and more.

Magnolia Series Cabins

These look like the romantic ones. They're secluded and they're reported to see a bunch of wildlife, including Whitetail Deer and their Fawns, Pheasants, Turkeys, Coyotes, Bald Eagles. The kitchens are even fully stocked. In the Magnolia series, there are several subcategories, including Aspen and Magnolia. Though some of them have more than one bed, neither one is recommended for kiddos. Scroll down to see pics of both kinds of cabins in Decorah!

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