It's summer, our cars get really hot inside, and as temps rise, there's more and more stuff you should not leave in your car in Iowa.

Summer is summering and according to our friends at KWQC, a heat wave is on the way for us. Temps could get in the middle to upper 90's, which of course turns the inside of your car into an oven. We're a hot (pun intended) minute away from wrapping up summer so there are pretty good chances that we'll have more days with temps in the 90's before we hit the comfy fall weather.


Obviously, when it's this hot especially, you shouldn't leave kids or pets in the car. Or humans in general. (I did see a gal drag her drunk, passed-out husband out of the car after a party this summer. Excellent example.) You've heard dozens of times to check the backseat. You wouldn't want to be left in a hot car either.

Here's an idea of how hot it can get inside your car in a short amount of time based on the outdoor temperature.

Toasty, right? You park, turn off the car, and get ready to go in. Besides the kids, pets, and humans, there's some other stuff you want to make sure you take out of the car with you whenever you get home, to work, or wherever your travels take you so it doesn't get ruined by the heat. Scroll down to see examples of some things that can be impacted by Iowa heat that you might not think to grab!

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