If you've recently received a letter in the mail and are unsure if it's spam or not, let us help you out. Recently, the City of Davenport began its biennial Community Survey to find out what residents in Davenport genuinely think of the city. So, if you live in Davenport and get a survey in the mail, it's not spam and the City of Davenport would love if you filled it out and mailed it back.

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The City of Davenport wants your opinion during its biennial Community Survey. Recently, the City mailed a survey to 5,000 randomly selected residents seeking input on everything from parks and streets to police and fire services. Officials say the survey is designed to measure the community’s level of satisfaction with the quality of life issues and the quality of City services. The results are used to assist leaders during the budget process.

Davenport Mayor, Mike Matson, said in a press release encouraging those who received the survey,

“We realize the survey takes time to complete, but every question is important and we will listen to you. The time you invest in completing this survey will help to influence many of the decisions that will be made about the City’s future. Your responses will also allow City leadership and staff to identify and address many of the opportunities and challenges facing our community.”

The 2022 Community Survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and can be mailed back in the provided self-addressed, stamped envelope to ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas. ETC Institute is the company that has been retained to administer the survey. Recipients can also follow the instructions located in the packet to complete the survey online.

What If I Don't Get The Survey But Want To Share My Opinion?

Davenport officials say the survey will be opened up to all residents starting in mid-September for a limited time period. Some residents may receive a telephone call reminding them to complete the survey. All results remain completely confidential and the City of Davenport will not be informed of which residents received or completed surveys.

When Will Results Be Announced?

ETC Institute will compile and provide the results to City leaders and staff, which are anticipated to be made available in the month of December. The results will also be shared at public forums during the upcoming budget cycle.

The biennial survey has been sent out since 2006 with the last one being administered in 2020. Survey questions focus on the level of satisfaction Davenport residents have with police, fire, parks, public works, communication, and more.

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