It's no secret that driving doesn't always bring out the best in us, and it turns out that most of us have a bit of road rage. A new study found that for every 100 miles of driving...we swear 41 times! I'm not including singing along to your favorite songs; this is strictly about the annoyances of driving around other people.

A whopping 90% of those surveyed admitted to swearing behind the wheel. 61% of parents polled said they refrain from using profanities when their kids are in the car, though 45% of parents have swapped swear words with "friendlier" versions. Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, anybody?

Here are the top 10 things that transform us into foul-mouthed motorists:

10. People who drive too slowly in the left lane and won't move over.

9. Drivers that don't wave to thank you for letting them merge.

8. Someone taking up multiple parking spaces. 

7. Someone driving too slowly in front of you.

6. Drivers that don't turn off their high-beams.

5. A pedestrian trying to cross the road without looking.

4. People not using turn signals.

3. Seeing someone texting while driving.

2. Nearly getting hit by a car changing lanes.

So...what's the #1 thing that makes us flip out?

Getting cut off in traffic.

I definitely agree with ALL of these, though #10, #8 and #4 definitely chap my--hide--the most. What causes you to swear while driving? Comment below! Check out more driving pet peeves here.

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