Get ready, Quad Cities! Snoop Dogg is bringing the Dogg Daze of Blaze Tour to the TaxSlayer Center in Moline on Thursday, April 21st! Snoop is bringing with him Ice Cube and Warren G, and B100 has your chance to win tickets to the show! But your dog and imagination are going to be helping you win these tickets.

We want you to dress up your dog like Snoop Dogg to see Snoop Dogg in concert!

If you've ever wanted to know what your dog looks like when it's dressed up like Snoop Dogg, this is your chance.

B100 and The Dispensary in Fulton have your chance to win tickets to see Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Warren G at the TaxSlayer Center in Moline on April 21st by you simply dressing up your good ol' boy like Snoop Dogg.

Snoop has a pretty iconic look, but we know it can be a little tough to dress up your doggo. Try putting headphones on them like they are a DJ...


Maybe you can find sunglasses like Snoop Dogg to put on your dog...

dog with martini cocktail and victory or peace fingers

Or any other clothes and/or accessories that make your dog look like Snoop Dogg!

After you get your dog dressed up like Snoop Dogg, quickly take a photo before they take it all off! Then, open up the B100 App to submit a photo of your dog dressed like Snoop Dogg.

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If you're on the B100 App and have our app, click the button below to submit a photo of your Dog dressed like Snoop Dogg for your chance to win tickets!

On A Laptop Or Desktop Computer?

If you're on a laptop or desktop computer, use the form below to submit a photo of your dog dressed like Snoop Dogg!

**Disclaimer: You can try to use the form below on our app and/or your mobile browser, but it's a little clunky.**

Don't Have A Dog?

If you have a cat, bird, hamster, snake, or no pet at all, don't worry we have more chances for you to win! Click the button below to sign up to win a VIP Package to the Dogg Daze of Blaze Tour at the TaxSlayer Center on Thursday, April 21st! It comes with two front-row seats, a Pre-Party Platinum Package, and an After-Party Platinum Package!

If you have a dog, you can still sign up for this VIP package, too.

The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 17th. Submissions received after that date and time will not be accepted.

Dress up your Dog like Snoop Dog is sponsored by The Dispensary in Fulton.


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