With all the rain and snow we've had, roads are anything but fun to drive on right now. It seems like for every two potholes that are patched, three new ones pop up somewhere else. Crews are working hard to repair them, Mother Nature just seems to be working harder.

Still, city workers are trying to keep up. In East Moline, certain roads are currently closed for the purpose of repairing them. The closures started yesterday according to WQAD, and will remain closed until crews are able to fix what needs to be fixed.

Right now, the eastbound lane of 18th Avenue/IL-92 is closed from 10th Street to 13th Street. Fortunately, it's only a few blocks. Still, those three blocks can mess with your commute.

According to WQAD's report, drivers are being urged to keep a close eye on any changes in signage and speed limits, as it could all vary depending on the day.

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