We've got some exciting news coming out of East Moline this week! Thanks to a massive (read: the largest that the city's ever gotten EVER) donation from TBK Bank, residents are getting a new public library.

According to WQAD, TBK Bank is building a new branch in East Moline, leaving their old building on 8th Street unoccupied. Well, temporarily – they're giving that building to the library. Combining the value of the building, plus the acre of land it sits on, it works out to a $1.5M donation to the city.

Per WQAD's report, "It will be a state of the art space for more books, computers, community meeting rooms, upgraded Wifi, and an outdoor digital plaza."


Up to this point, the library has been in the same spot. So, roughly calculating, it's been in the same spot for nearly a century. The last renovation to the building was back in 1958. After 60 years, suffice it to say, East Moline residents are pretty excited.

Will you be dropping in on the new location?

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