The holidays are here and that means we are getting together again with our families and friends, or we're still Zooming with them during the holiday season. Whether in person or virtually, our families can be embarrassing and you can embarrass them. Recently, I had a chance to embarrass my family on B100 after a text fight ensued during the planning of a Christmas party get-together. While I embarrassed them in a very unique way, there are plenty of ideas to turn your relative's faces red.

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Families can be embarrassing throughout the year and they can't help it. While we love our embarrassing families, it's nice to embarrass them once in a while and the holiday season is a great time to do so.

Before you start thinking of ways to embarrass your family, let me give you a few harmless ideas that will get a chuckle from everyone, including the person you embarrass.

T-Shirt's With Quotes

If you're in a billion text groups with your siblings and/or other family members, there is bound to be gold in there somewhere. Someone throughout the year said something embarrassing, sent a text in the wrong group, got mad and said something mean, or is just an idiot. To embarrass them this holiday season, create a custom t-shirt with that quote on it as a Christmas present.

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Custom Coffee Mugs

If you take a lot of photos, don't be afraid to use those embarrassing photos to your advantage. There are plenty of websites where you can create custom coffee mugs, cups, and many other items with an embarrassing photo on the item. My brother gave us coffee mugs with very, very embarrassing photos and they were at hit.

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Creating A Movie Trailer

Working in radio, I can create a lot of funny audio clips. If you missed it, I created a fake season finale trailer of a made-up show I called The Kenneys. After a text fight ensued earlier this week with a few of my siblings while planning a Christmas party, I hired some voice actors, used some of the best text messages sent, and created this bad boy which we played on the radio.

Again, besides the big voiceover guy, those were actual text messages sent from my family. Yep, they are crazy but I love them.

Radio gold and a great way to embarrass my family this holiday season. While there are other great gifts or ways to embarrass your family during the holidays, just make sure you do it in a tasteful way so you can keep doing it every year. Or if you don't care about relationships, put it on the internet for all to see!

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