People always think that Millennials want to become CEO within the first week of a new job. That's completely false. We want to become the first-ever CPBO in Iowa, nay, the world.

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What is a CPBO? It's a new position created by Iowa-based convenience store chain and creator of the greatest breakfast pizza known to man, Casey's. It stands for Chief Pizza & Beer Officer and it sounds like the greatest job in the world.

Business Wire
Business Wire

If you love pizza (more specifically, Casey's pizza) and ice-cold beer, bust out that resume and apply now to become the first CPBO ever.

Casey's Is Looking For Its First Chief Pizza & Beer Officer

I encourage you not to apply for this job because I want it so bad.

Iowa-based Casey’s, The Official Pizza and Beer Headquarters, is seeking the best candidates for its most delicious position ever as National Pizza Week approaches. The company is officially launching a search for its first-ever Chief Pizza & Beer Officer.

This prestigious and mouth-watering position will serve as the utmost authority on sampling, researching and pairing Casey’s pizzas with the best beer combinations.

Casey's General Store front

The ideal Chief Pizza & Beer Officer candidate has clear communication skills and a high motivation to eat tasty pizza and responsibly drink ice-cold beer. In addition to spearheading pizza and beer pairing research, the Chief Pizza & Beer Officer will be responsible for creating compelling social media content to inform Casey’s Country fans about research findings and attending public events to spread their passion for Casey’s pizza and beer.

Casey's/Business Wire
Casey's/Business Wire

Benefits Of Being The First CPBO

Casey’s is committed to finding the most pizza-perfect applicant to appoint as Chief Pizza & Beer Officer. To help the company recruit for this esteemed position, Casey’s called in the expert by partnering with former NFL defensive lineman and well-known content creator and comedian Anthony “Spice” Adams, as its search consultant. Adams said,

“I thought that I had the best job in the world when I played in the NFL, but then Casey’s told me about its Chief Pizza & Beer Officer – and the opportunity for me to lead the search. Tasting pizza and beer is fun – but it’s also serious work for this pizza and beer expert. After all, resting on the tastebuds and shoulders of this new position is the pizza enjoyment of millions across Casey’s Country.”

The benefits of the position include job supplies like receiving pizza and beer from Casey’s stores, branded glassware and other swag, coverage of travel costs for position duties and a negotiable compensation package. Full details available on the LinkedIn job posting.

How To Apply To Be The First CPBO

If you like to eat Casey’s pizza, drink beer and find the best combinations of both, apply now at for the Casey’s Chief Pizza & Beer Officer position.

Google View
Google View

Applications will be accepted through January 24.

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