Who doesn't love being the favorite person in the office, your friend group, or at home?! You become the best person in the world and get free food for you and your crew with B100. Connor is handing out Checkers combos for free, but there is a catch.

Let's be honest, Checkers is everyone's guilty pleasure. They have burgers, fries, colas, wings, sodas, ice cream and so much more. Imagine, you're the person who brings FREE Checkers to the office, home, to your friends house, and you instantly become everyone's favorite. How awesome does that sound?!

Well we want to hook you up with a weeks worth of free Checkers combos, good at all Quad Cities locations. Every morning this week, I have your chance to be everyone's favorite. I want to hook up you and your crew with free food from Checkers!

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Listen the rest of this week at 7:20 a.m. for the cue to call to be caller 10. If you are caller 10, you'll score a weeks worth of Checkers (14 combo coupons) for you and whoever you want to share all of this food with!


If you're caller 10 tomorrow and Friday, you have to be at the B100 Studios within 100 minutes of winning! Think we're joking? Test us. It doesn't take longer than 100 minutes to get to our studios in the listening area. If you aren't at the B100 Studios within 100 minutes to claim your prize, we will give them away again!

Score free food for you and your crew with Checkers and B100!

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