As a die hard Star Wars fan I think the Mandalorian is one of the key things Disney is putting out that is keeping said die heard fans happy. You most likely know someone in love with this show. Mention these easter eggs and you will blow their minds!

Episode one was filled with so many great easter eggs and character throw backs, I'm sure no one left that episode unhappy.

A quick review of the episode gives only one critique from me, and that's me wishing they put out three episodes first instead of one. Besides that, great action, great character development from beings I never thought would get development (Sand people akaTuskin Raiders.) And the monster fights were amazing!

I give this episode a 9.5/10!

Now we get into the spoilers.

R5 gets a shout out. R5 is the red droid from episode 4 who's top blows up while Luke is looking at it. This show, shows us that the droid is still slow, but is still working!

The "Marshal" rides a speeder with the Mando that gives a nod to Anakin's pod racer from episode 1.

The Krayt dragon, while not an easter egg rather a major plot point, still was a huge shout out to die hard fans of Star Wars lore.

The shots of the Marshal and Mando flying were shot very similar to episode 6.

Speaking of flying, when Mando hits the Marsha's jet to save him it's ironic since that same move is what doomed Boba, but saved the Marshal.

And final we see the actor who played Jango in episode 2 at the end. Since Boba is a clone of Jango it's safe to say that the last man we see in episode 1 of the Mandalorian IS BOBA!

This was a great episode, and I can't wait to see what they do next!

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