The Galesburg Police Department is asking for the public's help in finding a missing teen. The police department announced that they were searching for the teen Monday morning, and believe that the missing girl is being held against her will.

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The Galesburg Police Department announced on social media on Monday that they are searching for a missing teenage girl.

Officials from the Galesburg Police Department say that they are searching for Faith Marie English, who is 15 years old. English when missing back on February 20, 2021 from Galesburg. English is described as a white female, is 5' 2" tall, weighs 115 pounds, has brown, curly hair with blonde bangs, brown eyes and is an average, medium build. English also has a scar on the left side of her nose.

According to the Galesburg Police Department, English is a repeated runaway, and has an issue with authority and following rules. English has a medical condition that needs attended to.

The Galesburg Police Department believes that Faith is currently being harbored, or held against her will by someone who is close to her. She was last seen at Tanner James Myers house, located at 461 E Losey St. in Galesburg.

Officials from the Galesburg Police Department ask that if you, or anyone with information on the whereabouts of Faith, please contact the Galesburg Police Department at 309-343-9151.

More details can be found in the social media post from the Galesburg Police Department below. We will keep you up to date as more information is released.

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